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jacket photo
Neal Corwell
out sitting in his field
Nicolai Music / NM5946
Neal Corwell: euphonium, double-bell euphonium, trombones, synthesizers, others
Endearing Young Charms  (arr. Simone Mantia / Art Lehman / Neal Corwell)
Hungarian Hallucination  (Franz Liszt and others / arr. Neal Corwell)
   (Based on Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 plus other classic favorites)
Out Standing in my Field  (Neal Corwell)
Venetian Carnival Animals  (Neal Corwell)
   (Variations on Carnival of Venice and Elephant Song)
Lassus Trombone  (Henry Fillmore / arr. Neal Corwell) (trombone)
Scherzo from Sinfonietta  (Neal Corwell)
At the Far Side of the Pasture  (Neal Corwell) (trombone and narration)
   The Swine Flew
   A Horse's Tale
   Beware of Bovines
   The Mad Hen Two-Step
Flight of the Bumble Bee  (Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov / arr. Neal Corwell)
Dandy Noodles  (Neal Corwell)
   (Variations on Yankee Doodle)
Molly's Solo  (Molly and Neal Corwell) (harmonica)
  (An Improvisational collaboration)