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Neal Corwell
Heart of a Wolf
Nicolai Music / NC6400
Velvet Brown: Tuba; Neal Corwell: synthesizer, others
Ritual  (Neal Corwell)
 Velvet: tuba ; Neal: euphonium, synthesizers, voices

2 AM  (Neal Corwell)
 Neal: muted euphonium, guitars, whispers

Aboriginal Voices  (Neal Corwell)
 Velvet: tuba ; Neal: sampler

Black Moon Rising  (Neal Corwell)
 Neal: euphonium, synthesizers

Heart of a Wolf  (Neal Corwell)
 Neal: euphonium, synthesizers, voices, background brass

The Furies  (Neal Corwell)
 Velvet: tubas ; Neal: euphoniums, shouts, claps, mouthpiece slaps

Arctic Dream  (Neal Corwell)
 Neal: synthesizers (both analog and digital)