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(various artists)
Baritones to the Fore!
Dodgy Valve / CD-1036
Brass Band of Columbus (Tim Jameson),
Anne Droste : Piano, Jayne Canaday : Piano
Concertino for Baritone   (Thorne), Richardson
Deep Inside the Sacred Temple   (Bizet arr. Wilkinson), Herak and Tyler
Hebredian Lullaby   (Harper), Marzella
A Day in the Life of Pooh and Tigger   (Lawrence), Herak
Rhapsody for Baritone: Don Quixote   (Golland), Richardson
Horizon   (Booth), Tyler
Alu   (Meechan), Herak
Rhapsody for Baritone   (Sparke), Richardson
Prelude No. 4 in C-minor   (Bach arr. Piper), Marzella
Slane   (Trad arr. Baker), Tyler
Mirror Lake   (Montgomery arr. Tubb), Herak
A New Day   (Crossley), Richardson
By the Waterside   (Fauré arr. Wilson), Herak
Sun   (Frasier), Marzella
Baritunes   (Baker), Richardson and Herak

Baritones: Diana Herak, Katrina Marzella, Rob Richardson, Helen Tyler