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Aaron VanderWeele
Air'N Variations
The New York Staff Band of The Salvation Army (Ronald Waiksnoris)
There Will be God  (Richard Phillips)
We'll All Shout Hallelujah!  (Norman Audoire)
The Great Adventure  (Norman Bearcroft)
Commitment  (Lloyd Scott, arranged Stephen Bulla)
Ochills  (Robert Redhead)
Larghetto Semplice from 'Call of the Seasons'  (Philip Catelinet)
Song of the Brother  (Erik Leidzen)
Hora Staccato  (Dinicu-Heifetz, arranged Dorothy Gates)
Shadowed  (Dorothy Gates)
Traveling Along  (Chris Mallett)
You Raise Me Up  (arranged Dorothy Gates)
Cornet and Euphounium Duet - Joyous Service  (Kevin Norbury)
Air'N Variations  (Stephen Bulla)
A Joy Untold  (Terry Camsey)