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Chris Mallett
Ivor Bosanko: piano,  Terry Camsey: cornet,  Fay Mallett: vocal, Brass Band (Ivor Bosanko)
LET THE SUNSHINE IN  (Chris Mallett)  <March>
SEARCH FOR A NEW WORLD  (Howard Davies  arr. David Catherwood)  <Euph Solo>
A JOY UNTOLD  (Terry Camsey)  <Euph Solo>
I'LL NOT TURN BACK  (John Larsson  arr. Ivor Bosanko)  <Duet>
CARNIVAL OF VENICE  (Herber Clarke  arr. Chris Mallett)  <Euph Solo>
COME HOME  (Will Thompson / Chris Mallett)  <Song>
GLORIOUS LIBERATION  (Ivor Bosanko)  <Euph Solo>
BOUND FOR CANAAN'S SHORE  (William Collins / Chris Mallett)  <Vocal Solo>
GLORIOUS VENTURES  (Peter Graham)  <Euph Solo>
I HAVE NO CLAIM ON GRACE  (Karen Krinjak / Ivor Bosanko)  <Euph Solo>
GLORIOUS FOUNTAIN  (Bernard Smith)  <Euph Solo>
THOSE ENDEARING YOUNG CHARMS  (arr. Gordon Langford)  <Euph Solo>
ALLEGRO SPIRITUOSO  (Senaille  arr. William Himes)  <Euph Solo>
WONDERFUL LOVE  (Chris Mallett)  <Cornet Solo>
HE LIFTED ME  (Charlotte Homer / Chris Mallett)  <Song>
HAPPY IN THE SUNSHINE  (Chris Mallett)  <Suite>