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Michael Howley
The Life of a Dream
The Brighouse & Rastric Band,   Steve Johnston : piano
Slavische Fantasie   (Carl Hohne   arr. Peter Graham)
Carrickfergus   (arr. Stephen Roberts)
The Life of a Dream   (William Broughton)
   Intelligent Ignorance
   Weary Contentment
   Cosmic Culmination
Summer Isles   (Philip Sparke)
La Belle Americanne   (John Hartmann)
Concerto I   (Willie Brandt   arr. Leigh Baker)
Looking Through the Eyes of Love   (arr. Gavin Pritchard)
The Swan   (Camille Saint-Saens arr. Steven Mead)
The Song of the Brother   (Erik Leidzen)
All Things Bright and Beautiful   (arr. Leigh Baker)