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Shirley Anne Hofmann
From the Depths / Shirley Anne Hofmann's EUPHORIA
Label UsineS / LUS 001
Shirley Anne Hofmann: euph, sousaphone, valve and slide tb, flugelhorn, tp, accordion, piano, marimba, melodica, bird whistle, sampler, and voices   Others
The Lonely Moose (euph solo有り)
Mr. Data (euph solo有り)
Down in Prescott Way
Momo (euph参加)
A Lunar Story
Inch Worm (euph solo有り)
Afro Blue (euph solo有り)
The Genius
From the Depths (euph参加)
Somewhere Over the Raimbow
Waltzing at Eurodisney (euph solo有り)

上の(euph solo有り) (euph参加) は、聴いた感じで判断。曲によってはひょっとしたらバルブトロンボーンかも。