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Joe-Young Heo
Euphonium Recital
Ji-Hee Shin: piano
Horn Concerto No. 4 in Eb Major  (W. A. Mozart  arr. Blaauw)
  Allegro Moderato
  Romanza - Andante
  Rondo - Allegro Vivace
Bassoon Concerto No. 7 in a minor  (A. Vivaldi  arr. Q. Maganini)
  Allegro Molto
  Andante molto
Sonata for Euphonium and Piano  (A. Frackenpohl)
  Moderately fast
Caprice No. 17  (N. Paganini  arr. D. Werden)
The Song of the Brother  (B. Field  arr. E. Leidzen)
Titanic  (J. Horner  arr. Jae-Young Heo) (Tuba Quartet)
Believe Me If All those Endearing Young Charms  (S. Mantia  arr. D. Hunsberger)