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David Childs
The Brighouse & Rastric Band (Robert Childs), Joanne Sealey & John Wilson: Piano, Tiziana Tagliani: Harp, String Quintet
Caelidh  (Rodney Newton)
The Swan  (Saint Saens  arr. D. Childs)
Carnival de Venice  (Trad.  arr. D. Childs)
A Little Prayer  (Glennie  arr. R. Childs)
Tarantella  (Squire  arr. R. Childs)
Londonderry Air  (Trad. arr. J. Iveson)  (Tbによる演奏)
Swedish Hymn  (Trad.  arr. P. Graham)
La Belle Americaine  (John Hartman)
Carrickfergus  (Trad.  arr. Stephens)
Peace  (John Golland)
Nessun Dorma  (Puccini  arr. R. Childs)
Spread Your Wide Wings  (Trad.  arr. L. Baker)
Grandfather's Clock  (George Doughty)
Air from a Suite in D  (Bach  arr. D. Childs)
Concert Variations  (Don Lusher)  (Tbによる演奏)
Softly As I Leave You  (De Vita  arr. A. Catherall)
Varied Mood  (Ray Woodfield)